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Saturday, May 04, 2013

self portrait Saturday: camping

I went camping!

after waking up in a tent

Camping has been a father-son activity in our little family.  It's something for them to explore and enjoy together and it's given me some time alone.  But Little N got to the point where he really wanted Mommy to see him camp and to enjoy camping with him.  And L wanted me to finally see his favorite landscape in our region.

Dry Falls

I made a genuine effort to remain engaged and appreciative throughout the road trip.  At 200 miles, it was a considerable part of the adventure... and the kind of thing that I typically zone out on.  But it was beautiful landscape.  So very different from what we usually see around Seattle.

Grand Coulee corridor

Steamboat Rock

After a number of scenic stops along the way...   

Grand Coulee Dam

...we finally arrived at the campground.

I am so glad that I made this trip with my guys.  We all enjoyed ourselves doing activities we liked and sharing in activities the others liked.  I splashed in an icy cold lake with Little N, laid in the sun to journal and read, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, played hide & seek in the tent, snuggled in sleeping bags, gazed up a the clouds, gazed up at the stars and so much more.   We're not sure if or when a trip like this will be able to happen again.  L is hopefully starting a part time job soon that will keep him occupied on weekends.  So we took the chance we had and made it a bright happy experience and bright happy memories.  I am so pleased.

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