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Saturday, April 20, 2013

self portrait Saturday: an aspiration

I'm expanding exponentially
I am consciousness without identity
- Ani DiFranco "Alla This"

I'm participating in two very different groups these days, a Christian small group at the local Methodist church and a Pagan group that gathers in various homes.  In each group we're reading a book related to the spirituality of the respective community.  As I read these books I'm seeing more commonality shared between the two faiths than might be immediately expected.  For example, common values include: interdependence, anti-consumerism, community building, ecology, and the immanence of the divine.

I used to say that being a Pagan made me a better Christian.  It's trite but I think these areas of spiritual overlap are part of why that is true. With the support of my Pagan practice and Pagan community, I'm stepping out from under the shadow of Christian religion and the laying down the baggage I've collected living in the place.  Lighter, freer, more in touch with my own soul, I can seek and follow the example and message of Jesus.

As I start to recognize and confess an eclectic spirituality I'm encouraged and strengthened by these spiritual but not strictly religious values.  I want to grow into a person of wisdom, moral character, and a closeness with spirit.  These elements transcend a particular religion.  The religions then function as metaphors and tools for engaging and developing the qualities, relationships, and understanding that I desire.  The religions and their practices serve spirit rather than casting spirit in the mold of a given religion.

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