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Sunday, April 21, 2013

gratitude Sunday

I give thanks.

Imbolc altar 2012
Today I am grateful for the warm, kind, expressive, thoughtful, growing, diverse women of the Pagan group I practice with.  I have been meeting with this group in various constellations of these women for a few years now and I can gladly call them a spiritual home.  We've just added a new activity to bring us together - a book club reading spiritual books.  I love reading and I love hearing the discussions these women engage.  

I am grateful to be with people that accept my marriage Pagan and Christian.  I am grateful for an encouraging space to practice ritual and to explore the meaning of Earth-based spirituality.  I am grateful for these particular people, their personalities and stories and kindness to each other.  I am grateful to learn how different women practice their spirituality in their lives, outside the shared space of our ritual circle.  

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