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Saturday, April 27, 2013

this is what progress looks like: courage & sharing

Here's an FB post from L about Little N's big day yesterday:

Little N's autism progress. 1) Noises can be a big issue for autistics. Little N dealt with a fear of train noise, asked to stand above train on pedestrian bridge, he did it with no trouble at all. 2) Social skills are a big issue for autistics. Little N was at a park with his big dumptruck. Two boys started off with it while Little N was swinging. He ran over, said "that is mine" in reasonable tone and volume, they gave it back. Then he said "we can take turns, first my turn, then yours, then yours" and proceeded to manage the sharing the whole time. At the end of it all the boys thanked him like he was some sort of charismatic leader. 

Little N, you rock. The world's going to remember you.