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Sunday, July 28, 2013

gratitude Sunday: these two together

That's our Beloved Miss A and Little N together back in December 2012.  Probably neither one of them likes this photo but I love it.  Today when we got back from her place, after saying goodbye to her for the next month as she'll be traveling Back East and Beyond, Little N demanded to see a photo of her.  "I like her!  I want to see her!"  I recalled this image and pulled it up onto the screen.  He settled down.

 "You can call me," she says, as we make our goodbyes.  She'll be with family and old friends and thousands of miles away and I can't imagine interrupting all that with my concerns.  But she offered it and she meant it.

When she returns things should be in full swing.  L moving out.  Little N getting ready for kindergarten.  Me taking time off to settle into new habits and a new way of life.  Her bringing back all her memories and feelings from her trip.  I have no idea, today, where our lives will really be in a month.  But I'm looking forward to seeing these two together again.  Might be time for a new photo.

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Bright Side of Life said...

How lovely to have such a special person in your life. Hope you are okay, have been thinking of you.