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Saturday, September 14, 2013

self portrait Saturday: family time

Little N & Mommy

Little N & Daddy

3 of us boarding the monorail

up front with the driver

Space Needle ahead!

It's been a bumpy week as our family transitions continue to take shape and take hold.  Little N acts up in school as well as most evenings before bed.  Nearly every day he asks me where his dad is.  His dad is mostly living his life alone in a large apartment and a part time night job.  L takes care of Little N every day after school and they pick me up from work in the evening.  It's a pretty tidy arrangement that keeps the two of them connected and provides needed childcare.  But still Little N has regular questions and big emotions that he and I are walking through together.    

We're pretty tired tonight, or I'd write more.  Thanks for reading.  We're coming through this slow, heavy phase with lots of light and lots of love, due in large part to the kindness of our friends.  

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