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Friday, June 20, 2008

the next 100 pounds

This is my new favorite blog:
The Next 100 Pounds.

The blogger is an opera singer named Cindy Sadler and I just stumbled across an article about her in the New York Times. She writes very openly and optimistically about the work of changing your lifestyle to shed excess pounds and live a healthier life. She's smart and funny. She is also really clear that this is her choice about what to do with her body. Other folks are explicitly welcome to choose differently for their bodies.

I'm not trying to lose 100 pounds. I'd be thrilled to lose 20 but right now I'm wrangling with the same 5 off & on & off & on. (They're back on right now.) I love this blog for it's honesty about the work required to make changes in your body - really, changes in your life. And I love the testimony of someone who is doing it. She's a real and realistic role model. She shares great resources and links to other thoughtful blogs about weight.

I especially appreciate the encouragement & motivation that I found for my goals for my body.

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Cindy said...

Hi Jenni,

Thank you! I'm really glad that you found value in my blog. Yours came to my attention through Google Alerts, and I'm very grateful, because I've read some things here and on some of the blogs you link to that I really needed to hear right now. I especially like your entry below about gratitude.

Best wishes,