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I'm camped out on the threshold with my journal, camera, and plenty of snacks.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Today, I am thankful

~ for the evaluator we met today who saw past N's wall of sensory issues and glimpsed the bright funny kid who wants to come out and play;

~ for a husband who supports & encourages me on both practical things (like this Radiant diet) and intangibles (like letting me be tense/anxious & letting me get over it);

~ for an employer who allows me the flexibility to take a day off with no notice so that I can accept a last minute appointment for N;

~ for cooler days and blue jeans and homemade soup;

~ for kiddo's paintings decorating our apartment, illustrating his story in his own hand;

~ for Goddess Leonie, her Radiant recipes, affirmations, ideas, prolific work, gracious hosting of our online circle, and for the loving folks who support & love her;

~ for my son & for my husband who fill our home with love.

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