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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Radiant Living day 5 of 21

I think the de-tox phase of this program has started for me. Today I carried a heavy headache, sore muscles, tiredness... and other unpleasantness. And oh are my food addictions singing my name - so sweetly. I Want Sugar Now.

Still, I'm staying with the program. There's some inner core feeling of goodness and lightness. Some unfamiliar reservoir of me-ness whose attention has been caught and held by this process. And she says that the symptoms will pass, she's indifferent to them, she wants to see what's next.

I did my yoga outside in the yard behind our building while my guys slept. And remained there to do the Radiant meditations.

The meditation part of this program has been very challenging for me but it's one of the primary reasons I wanted to do this rather than just follow a cleansing diet out of a library book. I'm struggling to sit still, to still my mind these days. Moving helps a lot. My mind can settle when I'm moving through familiar yoga poses. But to sit and immerse myself in silence or even a guided meditation is really difficult.

I made meditation one of my priorities for today and am pleased both that I did it and with the experience of it. Yes, my mind wandered. And, yes, I brought it back to meditation. I especially love the Radiant Goddess Affirmation. Phrases of from it return to me throughout the day.

Nutrition is going surprisingly well! I'm surprised that I haven't leapt off of the wagon into a rolling field of chocolate bars and rivers of ice cream sundaes. L said to me today, "You get credit for staying with this eating plan and also give yourself credit for the food preparation. That's a lot of effort!" It felt good to have him notice the work I'm doing and encourage me to value it all.

Potato Salad adapted from the Radiant recipes - potatoes & lots of diced veggies, hummus, a quick drizzle of sesame oil, salt & pepper.

Lentil Soup - a combination of two Radiant recipes. L had some yesterday and said it's one of the best soups he's had. Of course, he also added hot sauce to his...

My nightly treat - raspberries, brown rice, an apple (all warmed together), cinnamon, soy milk, quick drizzle of honey or maple syrup, chopped nuts, & chia seeds.

Radiant Goddess vision board posted up next to my bed.
This is my direction.
Strength. Joy. Praise. Clarity. Peace. Beauty.
& a Love note.

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