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Thursday, September 09, 2010

simple colorful stretches

Tonight we painted a good end to a good day.

Do you see? N is stretching.

He used 3 colors, blended & layered them, and used 2 different types of paintbrushes. (This is all new.) A few times he would look at me questioningly while gently touching a point on the paper with his fingertip. "Yeah! go for it." He'd reach out with the paintbrush and color near that spot.

This new painting comes in concert with more babbling sounds and using those new sounds conversationally, as if he's speaking words. He's also using a few signs consistently to communicate with us about airplanes, more, milk, potty, and baths. He's playing more imaginatively, like with a little plush cat he's named Tati, or making a pair of pillows operate like the drawbridge we live near, or making a toy car go "ouchie" when he flips it over monster truck style.

These are also more delicate days for N. It seems like new skills & accomplishments come with a phase of heightened sensitivity to his environment. He reacts fearfully to loud noises. He fusses when we fall out of step with morning routines. And hunger puts him out of his mind. We comfort him & pack snacks.

The best part of our day is the hour or more after N goes to bed. We listen to him in his crib. He sings, babbles, practices phrases like "bye, see you later" that he never says during the day, and works with intonation like a cable tv pundit. And he just plays, pulling into his crib any toy that's within reach. So happy & secure. He relaxes into the child that we know is in there behind all sensory issues and developmental challenges. A funny, curious, beautiful, creative, much loved little boy.

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