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Thursday, January 27, 2011

first day of preschool

This is it! Kiddo started his new preschool this morning.

At breakfast we looked at pictures of his new teacher, Ms. B, and his classroom. Little N smiled and said "teacher" "B" "classroom." I kissed him goodbye and left for work. (Oh, please, let that smile last...)

L phoned to tell me that when he dropped Little N off at school it was a very different tune. From the moment they arrived at the school Little N started saying "bye bye!" He knew what was coming and he did not want to do it. L walked Little N to the classroom and poor Little N became more agitated. Kiddo tried to lead daddy to the door, "BYE BYE!" L turned to Ms K, the Speech Therapist, for guidance. "Can I...?" and before he could finish his question she said, "Yes, you can." Ms. K held Little N and L left for home.

I could not have done it. I would have broken down crying myself.

But L just called me with an update. Ms. K called to tell him that Little N is doing well! After an initially upset and stressful transition he joined in at Circle Time and now he's playing out on the playground. He's entertained by the other children, enjoying them.

He can do this.
We can do this.
We're all growing up as a family, together.

And I still can't wait to get home tonight and cuddle him and spoil him like Christmas and his birthday and coming home from a long trip away all in one night.

post edit:
hooray! Little N did as well as could be expected. After the initial screamfest, he visibly enjoyed being around the other children. His teacher said he would seem sad but then something would happen to distract him and he'd perk up. A promising start to this new phase. ♥

post post edit:
It's 9pm and kiddo is still happy & bright. shouldn't he be sleepy after such a big day? um, like me.

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