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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

amazing progress, amazing grace

I try to jot down notes to myself - on index cards or in my calendar and then here on the blog - to collect each new little development, each new skill or expression that we see in Little N. It helps to hear from other folks in our life, who maybe have the benefit of distance and perspective, the view of bigger growth that all these little pieces add up into. Here's a joyful email (this post's title is from her subject line) from our friend Miss A,

Hi Jenni -

I'm not sure if you realize how incredibly far your glorious son has traveled in the last six months, but as a friend of you both, I'm here to tell you that from my perspective, his progress is nothing short of amazing. It's as though he's wrapped himself in a bubble of grace that has allowed discoveries of the world he's encountering to be shared .... truly what education, learning is all about!

I'm so happy for him it makes me want to shout ! SO THERE!!!



Thank you A!

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