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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Self-Portrait Saturday

a long day of this...

trying to get to this...

Little N and I enjoyed a good morning out, but the rest of the day was anxiety and preoccupation with work-stuff. It was late in the day before I figured out what was going on. And then - shook it off somewhat.

Worrying the job of next week robs me of these rare hours with Little N today. And thepresent moments with N are what I do the work-week for in the first place. Kiddo is so bright and responsive to a little attention. Blooms and beams.

Composing lists of "to do" and questions will have to assuage my worry until I'm back in the office and can actually do something about anything. Given the last two weeks, I think everything is prepared anyway. Now for the last minute verification (worry), carting things to sites (don't forget!), and execution (know it all and have it all at your fingertips).

(day 16 of 50)

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