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Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventure Friday

Kiddo's school schedule was changed and now he's in class until 11:15 on Friday's.  I'm still committed to us getting out for an Adventure Friday.

Today we ended up back at the beach.  It was a beautiful sunny morning that of course turned to rain, (and later soaking rain) by the time we hiked down to the shore.  But Little N was so happy!  He insisted on shoes off, socks off, pants rolled up.  A snack on the bench.  And then chasing birds.  Studying the school kids on a raucous field trip.  Watching the fire in the big fire bin.  "Fire staying there." "Yes, Little N, the fire stays right there." Exploring the grimy barbecue grills in the covered picnic shelter.  "Yucky!  Not a toy."  And he grins. 

Too soon we were cold and wet.  I was uncomfortable and a little worried about kiddo getting chilled.  It was a struggle but I coaxed him back up the hill to the street.  We settled in at coffee shop and watched the sun return. 

the leaves and the rain agree - autumn is here

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